Global Universal Design Commission EU

Working towards a more Universal Designed world

Our mission

GUDC-EU aims to promote universal design to achieve social equality and ethical sustainable development. We believe that universal design should be a given in any project, and that it benefits every user of a product or service.

Our focus

GUDC-EU aims to focus on three interrelated areas, including ICT, sustainable development, and social innovation.

The people behind GUDC-EU

Dr. G. Anthony Giannoumis is an action researcher that focuses on technology policy and practice. He is an internationally recognized expert in universal design of information and communication technology (ICT) and conducts state-of-the-art research on implementing universal design principles in practice.
Picture of Dr. G. Anthony Giannoumis the chairman of GUDC-EU
George Anthony Giannoumis
Anne Igeltjørn is an award-winning social entrepreneur and the CEO of GUDC-EU. She is recognized by UN as leading innovator in universal design of ICT. She has a Bachelor degree from Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet) with a focus on universal design and human-computer interaction.
Picture of Anne Igeltjørn the CEO of GUDC-EU
Anne Igeltjørn

Let's talk about your next project

We would love to hear more about all the different projects out there that focuses on Universal Design.

If you have a project we should know about, send us an email to anne@globaluniversaldesign.eu